Constructing the Chartres Labyrinth

by Robert Ferre

Publisher: Labyrinth Enterprises, LLC

Written in English
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Etymology. Labyrinth is a word of pre-Greek origin, which the Greeks associated with the palace of Knossos in Crete, excavated by Arthur Evans early in the 20th century. The word appears in a Linear B inscription as da-pu-ri-to (𐀅𐀢𐀪𐀵). As early as Maximilian Mayer suggested that labyrinthos might derive from labrys, a Lydian word for "double-bladed axe". Lars is available for Labyrinth Construction consultations. To book a time to discuss your labyrinth construction project with Lars, please complete this form. Judith Tripp, Faculty & Woman's Dream Quest Coordinator. [email protected] Judith Tripp has a Masters in Counseling and is a licensed Marriage/Family Therapist. Chartres (French pronunciation:) is a commune and capital of the Eure-et-Loir department in is located about 90 km (56 mi) southwest of es is famous world-wide for its constructed between and , this Gothic cathedral is in an exceptional state of preservation. Advent Prayer on the labyrinth: Echoes from The Chartres Cathedral (pdf). Building Prayer Labyrinths (Cambodia) (pdf) Centering Prayer and Labyrinth Prayer: Presentation in Asia (pdf). Christian Labyrinth Prayer: An Introduction for Pastors in Cambodia (pdf). Congo Labyrinth Construction: Story of labyrinth installation at HEAL Africa Goma, D R Congo (pdf).

Chartres Labyrinth $ This eleven-circuit bronze finger meditation labyrinth comes from the nave of Chartres Cathedral: not a maze to get lost in, but a sacred path that leads to the rose centre, with its circle and six petals.

Constructing the Chartres Labyrinth by Robert Ferre Download PDF EPUB FB2

This is the only detailed instruction book for making a Chartres labyrinth on the market. By Chartres labyrinth it relates to the pattern found in the floor of the nave of Chartres Cathedral in Chartres, France, which was built in The original was made of limestone and marble.5/5(1).

The only complete Chartres manual of its kind, this book fills a need by making construction of the labyrinth accessible to anyone who can read and follow the step-by-step directions.

Not only does Robert describe the “what” of construction, but also the “why” so the builder can understand the process more fully/5(3). Chartres Labyrinth Construction Manual by Robert Ferr A favorite Labyrinth book that I've been carrying around with me on my travels. Delivery was quality and merchandise was intact.

The book itself has lots of detail and information on various Labyrinths and this was the reason I purchased it/5(15). This book serves as a guide to pilgrimage, Chartres Cathedral, and the Chartres labyrinth, as well as a journal in which a pilgrim can record experiences and the spiritual significance of these.

Each page includes a poem that brings a relevant topic into focus. Above is a related image. Plan of the Chartres labyrinth with psalms superimposed on the pathway, from the Recherches sur Chartres manuscript of Charles Chaliline, first published inbut originally written c What size and shape is the labyrinth.

Much has been written about the exact size and measurements of the Chartres labyrinth. Hermann Kern (Kern,File Size: 2MB. Praying the Chartres Labyrinth: A Pilgrim’s Guide.

Cleveland: Pilgrim Press, This book serves as a guide to pilgrimage, Chartres Cathedral, and the Chartres labyrinth as well as a journal in which a pilgrim can record experiences and their spiritual significance.

Each page includes a poem that brings a relevant subject into focus. See Labyrinth Formulas, below, for formulas and examples of labyrinth sizes. A foot Chartres labyrinth will use about square feet of path material, while a foot version with 6-inch garden beds between paths will use about 1, square feet of path material.

Step 3: Mark labyrinth. Mark the center of your labyrinth. Veriditas is dedicated to inspiring personal and planetary change and renewal through the labyrinth experience. We accomplish our mission by training and supporting labyrinth facilitators around the world, and offering meaningful events that promote further understanding of the labyrinth as a tool for personal and community transformation.

The first step was to identify a labyrinth design that we liked. We chose to go with the fairly conventional design pictured above. This 7 circle concentric pattern with a straight forward entrance, simple pattern and non-bifurcating path spoke to my mother (and my dad and I were confident we could re-create it without much fuss - other labyrinth designs can get more complicated).

This book reveals everything one needs to know to sew, draw, and paint a canvas labyrinth: tools, techniques, templates, where to obtain canvas and insider tricks of the trade.

For fifteen years the author owned and supervised the world's largest canvas labyrinth studio. This book is one of a series of labyrinth instruction s: 5. The Classical 7-Circuit Labyrinth is 4,+ years old.

Variations on this design were found in Western Europe, the Mediterranean, Scandinavia, India, and North Africa. Perhaps the most well-known labyrinth today is the Circuit Medieval Labyrinth installed in AD in Chartres Cathedral, France and replicated in Grace Cathedral, San Francisco.

The labyrinth at Chartres is a little over 42 feet in diameter, and is thought to have once been graced by an image of the Minotaur at its center (a motif common in mazes and labyrinths around the. Constructing Classical Labyrinths covers many types of labyrinths, from temporary masking tape on the floor to permanent concrete and bricks.

Many books on labyrinths show how to draw a classical labyrinth using a seed pattern comprised of an equal-armed cross with a bracket and a dot in each : Robert Ferre.

When building the Chartres Labyrinth inthere were 2 main objectives. The first was to build a labyrinth based on an year old pattern, and second, for the site to be used as a Landing Pad for “Galactic family and friends.” Shortly after being guided to build the structure through dreams/channeling etc., it was reported by numerous.

Described below is how we lay out the pattern of a modified Chartres labyrinth. Of course, there are other patterns which can be used (see “Part 3 – Construction Workbook”). We have used Robert Ferré’s book “Constructing the Chartres Labyrinth” to build many 11 circuit labyrinths (not in schools) and have modified his instructions.

constructing the labyrinth for their specific situation. So consider constructing a labyrinth in your backyard, at work or in your community and use these computer-based tools to help you along the path. Cretan Labyrinth Spreadsheet Chartres Labyrinth Spreadsheet Cretan Labyrinth.

Few things are more rewarding than to create a labyrinth and walk it afterwards. The love and care that go into the building - and in the walking - add to the transformative benefits of the labyrinth. This part of the website will teach you how to make your own labyrinth. Currently, we have just directions for the Masking Tape Chartres Labyrinth.

Since a divine hand is responsible for originating the numbers and proportions of the manifest universe, that geometry is sacred. Studying sacred geometry leads us to truth and self-understanding.

All societies use sacred geometry to construct their temples, sacred places, and art. Chartres Cathedral, for example. And its labyrinth. Chartres Cathedral, Gothic cathedral located in the town of Chartres, northwestern France.

Generally ranked as one of the three chief examples of Gothic French architecture, it is noted not only for its architectural innovations but also for its numerous sculptures and its much-celebrated stained glass.

The fifth of Jill Geoffrion’s labyrinth books, Pondering the Labyrinth was written in response to expressed needs for resources that could be used at a labyrinth.

Constructing a Labyrinth Conceptual Questions To Consider Before Starting Construction Questions for the Labyrinth Resources Bibliography. Praying the Chartres Labyrinth: A. There are many books and websites which illustrate the method of drawing a 7-circuit/ring classical (Cretan) labyrinth by starting with a "seed pattern." This page goes beyond that by suggesting practical ways of creating full- sized versions which can be walked or run with little more than a.

Valuable Resource Book: Learning with the Labyrinth has proved a valuable resource for many educators, advisers and administrators who are keen to bring a labyrinth to their is the first ‘mainstream’ book on this topic, part of a Teaching and Learning in Higher Education series, and includes a research overview, free resources to photocopy and many ideas about use of the.

Chartres labyrinth was built from limestone in early 13th century. It is no doubt one of the ancient part of the cathedral. With approximately 13 meters diameter, the labyrinth takes place the entire width of the central nave. It forms more than meters pathway. Different sources mention different number of measures related to this labyrinth.

Robert Ferre is the author of Cruise of the Heart ( avg rating, 3 ratings, 0 reviews), Chartres Labyrinth Construction Manual ( avg rating, 3 rat /5(5). The labyrinth at the Cathedral of Notre Dame at Chartres was constructed during the first decades of the thirteenth century and is nearly thirteen metres in diameter.

It is an ancient symbol relating to spiritual wholeness, with powerful patterns within a sphere that merge the sublime and beautiful; where symbolically heaven and earth meet.

Chartres was the primary basis for the fictional Cathedral in David Macaulay's Cathedral: The Story of Its Construction and the animated special based on this book.

Chartres was a major character in the religious thriller Gospel Truths by J. Sandom. The book used the Cathedral's architecture and history as clues in the search for a lost Gospel.

Chartres Cathedral, also known as the Cathedral of Our Lady of Chartres (French: Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Chartres), is a Roman Catholic church in Chartres, France, about 80 km (50 miles) southwest of Paris and is the seat of the Bishop of constructed between andit stands at the site of at least five cathedrals that have occupied the site since the Diocese of Affiliation: Roman Catholic Church.

The work on the labyrinth, set in the stone floor of the cathedral’s nave, probably took place during the last six years of building. At 42 feet in diameter, the circular Chartres labyrinth is the largest of its kind to have been constructed in the Middle Ages. Praying the Labyrinth A Journal for Spiritual Exploration.

Cleveland: The Pilgrim Press, Written from her notes after visiting Chartres Cathedral, this journal style book has some real jems of insight and searching questions.

Well worth the time. Hohmuth, Jurgen. Labyrinths &. Left: Mandala. Middle: Labyrinth at Chartres. Right: Labyrinth at Chartres. The Rose Window on the outside of Chartres is connected with another mysterious phenomenon inside the cathedral—the labyrinth.

Constructed in the second decade of the 13th century, the labyrinth is () meters in diameter and fills the width of the nave. Jul 4, - The Chartres labyrinth has many qualities. It allows several variations, among others through the reduction of the number of circuits.

So I can derive a 5-circuit labyrinth from the circuit original. By leaving out the first 6 circuits (if I count from the outside inwards). See the following drawing: By the way, I c.Building a labyrinth?

Lars Howlett is an expert labyrinth designer and master builder offering site visits, workshops, tours, and events. Chartres Replica Labyrinth Exact replica of Chartres Cathedral labyrinth on concrete using crushed granite overlay at a private residence in Loomis, California.

Built and photographed by Lars Howlett.The circuit Chartres design labyrinth located on the south side of Carondelet Center parking lot is a replica of the year-old labyrinth in the Chartres Cathedral in France. This pattern has been the most embraced and widely used labyrinth by the CSJ community.

This was the pattern mowed into the grounds in